What are the benefits of a WordPress Website?

WordPress is really more than just a simple blogging tool. It can be just that, and it’s great for that, but you can run a large and very effective website off of WordPress alone. It is perfect for any level of need, whether you have a website already or have barely spent much time even on the internet. You can have a free site all contained online, or download their program and have your own web domain for a very good price, all still easy enough to use that you could master it in a weekend.

How do I get a WordPress site?

You can have a free WordPress site without downloading anything in about a minute. It doesn’t get any easier than that; however, this method gives you less options for customising the look of your website. When you download the software you can edit themes or even use WordPress code directly. It’s entirely up to you which way you go. If you already have a site with Moveable Type, Textpattern, Greymatter, Blogger, or B2, you can simply upload it. Even when you choose to download the application, you can have it in five minutes. Either way, launching your own site can be as simple as downloading or registering, picking a theme, typing up a static about or home page, and hitting the “Publish” button. While there is no need to hire a web designer to set it up their expertise can help when it comes to populating and customising the design of the website, and also a  professional website designer will have more knowledge of the WordPress code which when optimised can make huge differences to your website design.

How do I update my WordPress website?

When you want to add another post or page, or edit previous content it is just as fast and easy as getting started. Type it up, easily add media like images, video, or audio, and push a button. WordPress uses a type of editing called WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. There is no need to update navigation on the whole page, simply add categories to posts and they will be available from your static main page effortlessly. You can also change the look of your whole site instantly, in one step, by changing the theme. There are over two hundred free themes available, and many premium themes which you can purchase. Changing the theme changes your site all throughout, making it easy and cheap enough to even change for seasons, holidays, sales, or any reason your imagination can bring you. With the all online version through WordPress.com you are limited strictly to available themes; when you download from WordPress.org, you can edit themes or even start from scratch. Some people find it easier to use than Word.

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Does WordPress rank well in google?

The ease of adding pages and posts with make it so much easier to add that you may find yourself adding more and adding faster. The more you add and the more frequently you add, the higher Google will rank you and it will also index you faster. A frequently updated WordPress site may hit the search results page in minutes thanks to Ping-O-Matic. This is something they use to automatically alert search engines that you’ve updated your site, so they will index it. Google already loves WordPress. The format works perfectly with legitimate SEO tactics, and doesn’t have an excessive amount of HTML bogging everything down.

Besides the great program, platform, website, and hosting service of WordPress itself, there are hundreds of plug-ins available to add functionality to your site. Popular plug-ins can do things such as add share buttons for popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter, or connect your site to Google webmaster tools. WordPress also offers an easy, built in system for multiple contributors, users, and password protected posts to allow contribution. In this there is also capability to limit some contributors’ abilities to edit, publish, or change settings. You can allow comments for instant and easy communication with readers and customers, or even require registration with different user levels to control participation. There really isn’t another option out there that is as easy, cost effective, or as fast using WordPress. Beyond that, it makes managing your own website fun and inspiring which is invaluable.