How to avoid website duplicate content is a typical question on the minds of website operators. Is imperative to preserve the uniqueness of our content to appeal readers and search engines alike. But this is no easy task. Tools like Copyscape go only so far in preventing duplicate content. Actually, most of the off-the-shelf tools don’t check reviews or content that has been spun by bots. Protecting your site of duplicate content is very hard. Spammers have tons of servers, software, bots, and usually hire smart people or are very smart themselves. And the task of protecting ourselves from these kind of content is upon of because having duplicate content can hurt our search engine rankings, increase hosting and bandwidth costs and get you banned by several search engines and portals. You could also be sued in some countries due to copyright infringement. The following list can help you protect your website and avoid Website Duplicate Content.

how to avoid website duplicate content

Join Copyscape. This is the best service to identify flagrantly copied content. Copyscape is a web-based system that checks the web for duplicate content in exchange for a nominal monthly fee. This is the preferred service of professional website operators and designers the world over.

Install Akismet. This is a WordPress plugin that can protect your site from spammers and copiers. Spammers usually copy content from other sites and then post this content as comments with links to their websites. Since Google cannot understand the content of these comments it simply assumes that someone commented favourably and referred the website or service of the spammer. Akismet helps you filter out spam and keep you site clean of duplicate comments.

Hire a content or social media manager. This person can personally review the content that is supplied by your writers and partners. This is a top of the line requirement for your company. A social media manager can help limit spam in your social media channels and filter the best articles for your website. This person can also help you in lowering your web development costs by crow-sourcing content development in Amazon Mechanical Turk or similar websites.

Google your site. Actively do searches for your content. Does your site show multiple results for a single keyword, do you have content that has been posted elsewhere without your permission. Now is the time to find out! If you keep searching for your content on the net, you’ll find those spammers and copiers on the spot.

Get your lawyer on the phone. Document the evidence of people copying your content and call your lawyer. Depending on the strength of your case, your lawyer will give you the most adequate way of pushing the case and keeping your content off inappropriate hands.

Get discipline. This sort of process will elicit managerial discipline in your company. You can gain insights in competitors, find out who’s cheating, give people a fair shot a proving their content is not duplicate, etc. This can also help you gain some insight into the content production industry as a whole.

Don’t use Black Hat tools. Most of the black hat tools get content from popular sites like Wikipedia and use sophisticated algorithms to change the web pages into something new, thus generating “new” content. But indeed this is duplicate content because its meaning is essentially the same as the source’s. The way you get caught is when a flesh and blood user (or the original site’s owner) reports your website to Google for duplicate content. This could have serious consequences for you and your business. You could be banned from Google and Google Adsense, lose traffic, be sued and have a very hard year as a consequence of trying a tool you don’t fully understand.

If you like Batman movies, think of using Black Hat tools as of hiring the Joker. This is all very hard work. But it pays off very, very well. By following these recipes, you’ll be far ahead of the competition since day one, achieve better rankings on Google and other search engines, and of course more traffic. You also protect your company of lawsuits and raise the overall quality of your site. The success that you can achieve by following these practices is potentially huge. A lot, an by a lot I mean almost everybody that doesn’t have a big site, has at some point ran into problems of copyright issues. By playing it safe you gain the advantage of discipline and reputation that white hat methods give your website and business. This can also set you apart from many a copycat that’s out there just improvising. And you know better than that. You know that, in other to build a business, years and years of solid work are needed and copying content just doesn’t cut it.