A Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah is a very significant step forward in the life of a young teenager. Many families look forward to planning fun parties to celebrate this extremely special and important occasion. The party is almost always an exciting and exhilarating event that people who are friends and family of the youngster look forward to attending. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the big day and because a lot of study and effort goes into the Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah on the child’s end, it is a great way to reward them for all of their work. A very important factor in planning the Bat or Bar Mitzvah is determining the theme and the invitations. Of course, the theme should be relevant and fun. The Bat Mitzvah invitations or  Bar Mitzvah invitations should mirror the theme so that guests know what the theme is in advance. Aside from giving the details of the event, the invitations should be fun and exciting. It is important that the theme be something the honouree is very passionate about. This is an important event in the honouree’s life and will be remembered for a very long time.

One possible theme that would be different and interesting is a book cover theme for the Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah Invites. There is a plentiful amount of popular young adult literature these days. Kids read a number of popular series, many of which have been turned into movies. A book cover theme would encourage young adults to embrace their passion for a past time that is generally not regarded as important. There are clever ways to incorporate these books and the book covers into the theme of the Bat or Bar Mitzvah. For instance, guests could dress up as characters on the book covers. Also a cake decorated like the book cover of a favourite book could be served. Beyond the cake, other foods can reflect the titles of books. A book cover themed Bat or Bar Mitzvah would be very original. The attendees will appreciate the extensive creativity involved in planning such a party.

The invitations for the Bat or Bar Mitzvah should reflect on the theme. More exciting invitations that really get a handle on the theme will have guests waiting impatiently for the big day. They can either be hip or pretty or plain depending on your tastes. For the ever-entertaining book cover theme, the Bat or Bar Mitzvah invitations could be decorated to look like book covers. Colourful envelopes will make the invitations more memorable and more noticeable in the mailbox. Many paper stores sell envelopes of all colours imaginable. Obviously, the invitations should give the details of the date and time and the location of the special event. Sometimes, separate invitations are sent for the Bat or Bar Mitzvah service and the party afterward. Like the ones seen on this page some of the details can be incorporated into the book cover theme. It is quite important to keep in mind the price, however. If a large party is being planned, invitations can add up. Set a budget before you start planning and count how many guests you will be inviting. The number of guests is not necessarily the number of invitations you require, however. You only need to send one invitation per family.

The invitations and the book cover theme are a great start to putting together a very memorable Bat or Bar Mitzvah party. Because a Bat or Bar Mitzvah celebrates a coming of age, the party generally is one of the first important social occasions thrown for a young teenager moving into adult hood. It is something that is greatly anticipated by many. This means that often bands or DJs are an integral part of the festivities. If any special people are being hired to help encourage dancing or socialisation, they can be incorporated into the theme as well. Many people who make money working at events such as a Bat or Bar Mitzvah have experience working with themes. They may also have some good ideas for a book cover themed Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah. Possibly a discussion with them as well as other friends and family can help get the Bat or Bar Mitzvah invitations in order. Once everything is planned, the party should run smoothly. A book cover themed Bat or Bar Mitzvah will go over well with guests and will be fairly easy to plan and execute.

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