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There are many things that determines the position of a site on search engine, such factors determines how to rank highly on Google. Speed, appearance, and ease to search are some of the important features though they are not the only ones. The higher the ranking, the closer a page is to the top search result.

A good site should be easily accessible to the general public, this helps people access the information they want easily without wasting much time. This can be achieved easily by increasing its visibility in the search engine. Some of the most important key factors to consider include;

Website Title / Page Title

The title of the site or page is an important parameter to consider, this is because the search engine will always look at the title of any page first as titles gives an overview of the actual content of a page. It is therefore important to make sure it contains the keywords most people are likely to search for and whenever they try to look for that information, the site will always appear.

Website Keywords

Another thing to be considered is the keywords, these are words that acts as a clue or hint about the information contained in a page. The keyword density should be very high as the search engine will always look at the density of such words during ranking of various pages containing similar information and the higher the density, the better the ranking and vice versa. They should not only appear on the title but also on the body of the page.

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Good Website Design

An attractive site also acts as an attraction to many people and sites administrators thus making them attach their own pages to one that is attractive, this can also lead to better ranking by search engines as they analyze and compute such sites.

Link Building / Keyword Linking

Another technique is to find other sites that offer linking; this should be done carefully by ensuring the site owner you want to link your site to links using the keywords that are most preferred or suitable to your page. Linking process must also be dynamic in nature and be complex.

To make a link more popular, one can do the following; pay a specialized firm such as the search engine companies most popular being Google. However, this requires a fairly large amount of money which is at times risky as one might not get the results they expect. Another simpler way is by exchanging link with another site and placing this exchanged link on their site.

Giving out your link everywhere is another suitable method of acquiring a better rank, it is achieved by posting such a page everywhere thus making it popular and also increases the chances of it being linked to other sites. Cross linking sites internally can be used as well; this is where one identifies the most important pages in their sites and combines them together so that search engines will always find them relevant. These are the common tips on how to rank high on Google.

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