When that magical question that most girls have dreamed about their entire lives is asked, that is when the hard work of wedding preparations begin. Using a unique wedding invitation design can add some extra sparkle to the big day as well as give the guests a sneak peek of what is to come. Just adding a few individual touches can change an every day invitation into your very own, never before seen request that both, your significant other and yourself, can be proud of. You could add pictures or artwork that means something to the relationship. Choosing a colour that is not commonly used for the background of wedding invitations also, can add individuality to your invites. If you want to take it a step further, hand made requests or even just coming up with your own way to ask the question, will you come to our wedding, will, most certainly, allow the possible guests to see that the nuptials that they could be attending are being held by a couple that takes pride in themselves and the things that make them different from every one else.

unique wedding invitation design | marty mccolgan

What makes a wedding invitation unique?

Adding an original piece of artwork or photograph to the wedding invitation design is an easy way to make yours different than any other request that has been sent out before. Photographs of the, soon to be, wedded couple always will take the every day, run of the mill invitation and change it to a unique arrangement that the invitees will not be expecting. If you know an artist that could design for you an original illustration that captures the essence of your relationship, adding their creation to the invitation will give it a unique touch.

unique wedding invitations | marty mccolgan

What colour should I use for my wedding invitation?

Choosing the background colour of your wedding invites can be a challenging task. Should you choose a light pink or baby blue? Or should it be, maybe, yellow or off white? All of the different “wedding like” colours out there can make designing your invitation a daunting task. If creating an individual card is the task at hand then going for a shade that is unexpected and unusual colour not seen regularly on wedding invitations, can, most certainly, assist in the creative process. To give the possible guests a glance into the future nuptials, go with the colours that are to be used during the reception or dinner. Or, if doing a beach wedding, you could use multiple different colours as to imitate a sunset or the ocean. The colour of your invitations is a small detail that can make have a large effect on the originality of the invitations.

unique wedding invites | marty mccolgan

What about handmade wedding invitations?

Now, if you really want to go all out, creating your own, hand made wedding invites is, most certainly, a way to make sure your invitations have never been seen before. Go down to the local craft store and pick up some materials such as poster board or card board, for the invite itself, glitter, bangles, or anything else that takes your fancy and go home and let your imagination go wild. If starting from scratch is not quite the route you’d like to go, wording the invite request yourself or even just finding a quote that symbolises love and your relationship is much less work than starting from scratch yet, still a way to make your invitations different than others sent out before.

unique unusual wedding invitation design | marty mccolgan

How can we make our wedding invitation design unique to us?

Every couple has their own individual and unique quality’s, that when put together, no other pair holds the same characteristics that you and your significant other do. Shouldn’t the wedding invitation design be as unique as your relationship? When taking upon the task of creating a wedding invite that has never been seen before, it can feel overwhelming. How can you design a wedding invitations that is unique? Adding simple touches such as a photograph or artwork or choosing a colour that is not used in the every day invitation are simple steps that can assure you that nobody else has or will have the same design. If you and your partner want to take it a step further, creating a hand made wedding invitation is a way to assure you that the invite that is being sent out to your guests is unique and one of a kind. Now that you have read this article you have the tools to design a unique wedding invitation that all of your invitees will adore.


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