Festival Themed Wedding Stationery – Taking Inspiration from Music Festivals for your Wedding Stationery

The choice of wedding stationery affects more in your wedding than you might think. Sure, you know about the all-important wedding invitations. But what about save the date cards, thank you cards, place cards, menus and wedding seating plans? These things may not come to mind at first, but they are still important and necessary. All of these are involved in your selection of wedding stationery, too. And in order to make everything seem cohesive, you need one main source of inspiration. But don’t worry! There are many sources of inspiration, depending on your tastes, because wedding stationery should reflect your personality. You may not have considered it, but surprisingly, music festivals are a fantastic source! Taking inspiration from music festivals for your wedding stationery is a great idea, especially for a creative, musically inclined couple.

music festival themed wedding stationery | marty mccolganMusic Festival Themed Wedding Stationery

wedfest festival theme wedding stationery

Wedfest Festival Theme Wedding Stationery

First, music festivals are a great source of inspiration if you and your significant other love music. Do you go to concerts more than you go out to dinner? Do you own more records than you own clothes? Are you more worried about your wedding’s setlist than its guest list? If so, then music festivals are probably a wonderful source of inspiration for your celebration! Or maybe you met your betrothed at a music festival. There is a wonderful sense of community and fun at festivals, and this often brings people together, allowing them to lose inhibitions. At festivals, you are able to meet people who live half a world away – and maybe this is what brought the two of you together, and created the spark in your relationship! Even if you didn’t meet at a festival, you may have continued to attend festivals together as a yearly tradition, for your birthdays or for your anniversary. Or maybe your other half, understanding your love for music, proposed to you at a festival. Understandably, this event would be very important to you!

Wedding Festival Theme Stationery

Wedding Festival Theme Stationery

Next, music festivals are great sources of inspiration because of their nature. These festivals are gatherings of immensely creative people. Not only is there tons of great music for every taste, but there are also many talented artists who create wonderful designs. These designs are apparent even in the colourful tents, the flags flying, homemade posters, and the fashion people wear. Art is truly everywhere at festivals! You may even find inspiration in the artists’ logos, or in the posters and designs specifically created for these events. Also, festivals are often set in the countryside, and you may find the views of nature to be a great source of inspiration.

Festival Wedding Ticket Style Invitations

Festival Wedding Ticket Style Invitations

music festival tickets wedding stationery | marty mccolganFestival Tickets Themed Wedding Invitations

Finally, weddings are a particularly fantastic and unique kind of a celebration. Weddings represent the joining of two people, promising themselves to each other for life. They take their love and add a strong backing to it. This joining creates a special atmosphere in which their families and friends can celebrate a special, once-in-a-lifetime event. Festivals, too, have this feeling. Thousands of people can come together to celebrate a love for art and music, and this unites them. This sense of community is in itself a wonderful sense of inspiration, one that you may wish to also have at your wedding.

Concert Poster Festival Poster Wedding Invitation

Concert Poster Festival Poster Wedding Invitation

concert ticket wedding invitations

Concert Ticket Wedding Invitations

So how can you take inspiration from music festivals? There are a few ways to do this. If you share a favourite band or bands, consider using these logos on your invitations and other wedding stationery. Or maybe you two clash on your favourite artists, but you still want to include music in general. Inking music notes on the stationery is a pretty, creative touch that is still tasteful. If your favourite festival has a unique logo or colour scheme, and this festival means a lot to you two—for example, if you met there, or became engaged there—I can use a bit of creativity incorporate these elements. If you want to be nontraditional, consider making your wedding stationery look like the tickets to these festivals! Needless to say, your marriage will be the headlining act. Taking inspiration from music festivals for your wedding stationery can be done in countless ways because, like festivals, no two weddings will be alike. You and your significant other can get your marriage off to a creative, well-designed start with wonderful wedding stationery.

music festival posters wedding stationery | marty mccolganMusic Festival Posters Wedding Stationery

Marty McColgan Graphic & Web Design offers a complete range of festival themed wedding stationery and can design your posters, invites, and stationery to suit your custom tastes. To see more examples of my festival themed wedding stationery visit my wedding stationery  page or visit my blog. To get a quote and more information on the services I offer please visit my design quote page and give me the details of what it is you require.

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