Personalised Wedding Thank You Cards – Before you can put it all behind you in the wedding album, do not forget the wedding thank you cards. A wedding is an expense for all parties involved. Guests attending a wedding will spend time and money to help you celebrate your special day. All gifts received at the wedding should have its own personalised wedding thank you note. The old fashioned method of doing a wedding thank you card is quality parchment paper and everything handwritten. The modern way of sending wedding thank you cards allows for many more choices. These modern thank you cards can be an extension of your wedding theme or just anything that catches your fancy.

wedding thank you cards northern ireland

wedding thank you cards

Sending thank you cards is one of the best ways through which you can show your gratitude to the people who participated and helped you out in your memorable occasion. Just as they are used in other occasions, these cards have the ability to pass across the message effectively. A card and letter that has been carefully chosen, can speak volumes, more than plain words can.

On this page is a few examples of some wedding thank you cards I have designed for couples after the big day. For more examples see the wedding stationery page on this website. To get in touch and get a quote for thank you cards click here…

polaroid style wedding thank you cards | marty mccolgan

personalised wedding thank you postcards

personalised black and white wedding thank you cards | marty mccolgan

The wedding thank you cards are also a great way of sending all your wedding guests a little keepsake of your wedding day as you can add several of your favourite wedding photos to the cards which you think captured the best moments of the day. Also maybe not everyone was able to attend the wedding but still gave you a gift so sending them a wedding thank you card will also let them see how great you looked on the big day, not everyone is on facebook remember!! 🙂

rock n roll wedding thank you cards

wedding Polaroid thank you postcards

wedding thank you cards uk & Ireland

If you want more information on these personalised wedding thank you cards click on the quote link below and let me know what you need and I will get these sorted for you.

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